Land Rover Drinks Cooler THINK192 Garden Furniture Centre

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Landrover Drinks Cooler … A famous motor now cooling the drinks as well … There Land Rover is instantly recognisable for sure and since the first model in 1948 it has been released in a great many updated models and for a variety of different uses. Four wheel drive …. This has remained constant throughout the car’s history and is part of the reason it has seen a variety of uses in the military from ambulances, fire response units on airfields and miliatry defenders. Did you know there have also been adaptations for the Australian military? This Army Landrover Cooler catches the classic design of some of the early models regularly seen in the media with green and black camouflage. Bottle opener included … Practical features: Hand finished from recycled and upcycled metals in a classic design making each one bespoke. Finished by hand with a tough lacquer making it rust free when used outdoors. Bottle opener on the back. Drainage plug included. Moving wheels and heavy duty tyres so it can be moved around easily and regularly whatever the occasion. Land Rover Dimensions: Height: 54cm Width: 48cm Length: 104cm