Borderstone Medium Fluted Column

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The Medium Fluted Column is an ideal focal point in any garden or perhaps as a point of interest on a terrace or patio.

The column is particularly effective when used to display a classical subject, probably a bust or vase.

Although immediately eye-catching, the column's slim appearance means that it's not overbearing and therefore any piece that is placed above the decorated shoulder will be enhanced rather than overshadowed. 

Cast stone of course develops character over a period of time and is superbly suited to classical design.

It will soon be a intrinsic element of your garden design and landscape. 

Medium Fluted Column Features:

  • Cast Stone
  • Classical Craftsmanship
  • Attractive Detail
  • Delivered on a Pallet

Medium Fluted Column Dimensions: 

  • Height: 50cm (1ft 8ins)
  • Weight: 44kg (97lbs)