Holland Resin Fountain

Fountains are charming lawn ornaments that add a finishing touch to any lawn, garden or entrance. The style that you choose should compliment your landscape theme. You may choose a traditional style such as a concrete pineapple or english fountain or a contemporary style. We offer thousand’s of garden fountains that are available in concrete, stone, brass or resin. Most of our concrete water features are available in 20 different finishes.
Lawn Ornaments and Fountains on line catalog features a vast variety of garden fountains that are available in many themes. The most popular themes are Pineapple, Angel, Belgium Boy, Greek God, Cherubs, Religious statues, Saints, Oriental or Asian, Golf and Sport and Animal statue. The true art enthusiasts love our contemporary pieces which have beautiful lines and shapes to enhance your lawn.

One of the best features of a fountain as a lawn ornament is the relaxing sound of water flowing. The sound of water will enhance any garden and make it more serene and peaceful.

Commercial or estate fountains are also available from our on line catalog. Large water features are very beautiful and constructed to last for many years in a commercial setting. They are available with large lawn ornament statues and come in one, two, three and four tiers. Some commercial pieces are available with pools. We also offer wall fountains or small one tier fountains to fit on your patio or an indoor foyer.

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