It would help if you didn’t sacrifice style when building a structure for your backyard. An octagonal pavilion is a great way to add style and colour to your garden. It is also one of the most popular designs available today.

Constructing the Gazebo: A gazebo building kit can be purchased at any hardware store to build a regular-sized gazebo. Of course, if you are looking for a more involved DIY project, you can always refer to your plans.

Begin your project by painting your deck with paint for landscape marking. Next, excavate the area for plants and rocks and dig 30″ deep holes for your posts. After your posts have been inserted into the ground, you can fill in the gaps with concrete mixture and water. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. It would help if you inspected your concrete before you leave the project.

The Planks: Cedar is the best wood for projects because it can resist natural elements and is attractive. To make the frame, connect your cedar planks using decking screws. Then use joists to support the deck’s edges. The next step is to add your centre post. Next, help your frame with decking screws.

To construct walls, connect your tongue and groove boards and screw them together until they are secure. Then, attach it all to the pavilion’s floor with regular screws. After all previous steps have been completed, you can add actions.

Building a Gazebo with an Octagonal Roof: A regular gazebo can be acceptable. However, an octagonal roof will make your structure stand out. You can create your gazebo in any way you like, as we have already said.

The Header Beams: After the pavilion is complete, you can install header beams between each post to support your roof. Next, construct your hub to create the centre of your roof. After your seat is completed, raise it in the middle of your octagon to install your ridge rafters. Install them by securing them at each corner of your head beam to the flat surfaces of the hub.

Form a bird’s mouth using two, 2 x 6 to connect over your header beam, and it would also help you make a few mitre cuts going across the top of your surface so your roof will lay flat while on top of the pitched octagon.

The Roof: Install additional rafters to finish the roof’s frame. These will be attached to your bird’s mouth and placed over the top of the head beam. Use a 2×6 fascia cap to tie the ends of the rafters together. Next, lay the sheathing on top of the roof’s frame. Finally, finish your octagonal roof with felt paper, drip caps, and some shingles. Roof caps are needed to cover any intersections between the roof sections.

Now that your gazebo is finished, you may paint it and add a topcoat if that is what you planned on doing afterwards.

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