A Sunday Morning Walk

Last night, it froze for the first time this year. It was that magical first frost that happens every year which releases the colorful leaves from the branches and brings them cascading down to the ground.  My husband and I woke early, bundled up, grabbed the camera and headed outside for a Sunday morning walk. We’re lucky to live in the country, and to have great natural beauty right in our own back yard. It was one of those days that felt like, a wonderful dance and our timing was perfect.  I was able to photograph herbs covered in frost, some warmed by the sun, and to witness the glorious beauty of the fall.

The cold nights turned the branches of wild rose hips a brilliant red…

…and melted away the few remaining rose and calendula blossoms.

The season has turned, and despite what the calendar says, today felt like the beginning of winter.

The fuzzy Lady’s Mantle (above) and Mullein (below) leaves have an extra coating of frost.

And the hawthorn berries have all turned a crimson red, just in time to keep the wild birds fed throughout winter.

The Oregon Grape is frosty.

The pond is flowing enough that it doesn’t freeze in the winter, so the ducks and wild birds have access to the water all winter long.

We found ourselves mesmerized by the almost loudness of the quiet – the rush of the river, the honking of the geese and the ka-thunk of the big maple leaves as they landed on the ground. For this and so many other blessings, I’m thankful.

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